I am a freelance photographer based in Portsmouth, UK. My work is fueled by the love of exploration and an innate urge to roam around different landscapes and experience varied cultures. 
My photographic journey started sometime in my early twenties when my sister was kind enough to gift me her old and battered point-and-shoot 'CyberShot' camera. It was the first time I was introduced to selective focus (or depth of field) and optical zoom, and I remember immediately applying my newfound knowledge to take a series of shit photographs of flowers, sunsets & lots of ducks in those early days. It wasn't as much about the results but the fulfillment & enjoyment of the photographic process that really appealed to me and deep inside I knew I was hooked.  
And so it began, a painfully slow but steady growth of my photographic awareness & skillset - powered by countless instances of hits & fumbles, my unyielding passion for exploration, the capacity to deal with embarrassingly large number of setbacks, an array of YouTube tutorials and most importantly, generous friends who would lend me their DSLRs (until I could finally afford my own camera) and once in a while praised my efforts which kept me going. 
My recent bodies of work in terms of personal projects include: 'Le Edicole Sacre' documenting Italy's street shrines, 'Counted Moments' - photographing instances of numbers/counting in our everyday lives & 'Faraway/Close' - retracing the memories of The Troubles in the streets of Belfast, Northern Ireland. 
As an experienced travel and street photographer, I've had the pleasure of teaming up with several fantastic travel agencies to capture the beauty of different global destinations. Alongside that, I've also captured various corporate events through my lens. I take pride in my regular collaborations with Portsmouth City Council, where I get to photograph the city's vibrant local events that truly celebrate the local community's spirit.
 I believe that photography isn't practiced only with a camera, but is nourished with my gaze on life, with the books I’ve read, the music I’ve listened to, the movies I've watched , and the people I share my life with.
Awards & Exhibitions
- Exhibition for Recount Photography Agora at Edinburgh Photographic Society
- Exhibition at the Royal Overseas League(ROSL)- Exhibition at Chania International Photo Festival 
- Exhibition at London Photo Show in OXO Tower Wharf
Winner of Winter Photography Competition by Visit Hampshire
- Featured on the BBC News
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