This is an ongoing long-term project to capture the significance of numbers and counting in the fabric of our lives. It opened my eyes to a truth that was always lurking around, unnoticed yet omnipresent - numbers play an indispensable role in managing the chaotic rhythm of our social existence.
As I worked on this project, I started becoming more aware of the fact that numbers have silently woven themselves into the tapestry of our daily routines, guideing our experiences in ways we seldom acknowledge. They are everywhere, shaping the contours of our existence. The highway's speed limits, the platform numbers in bustling train stations, the vehicle number plates that zip by, the sacred digits adorning football jerseys, the thrilling scores that fuel sporting passions, and the reliable calendars and clocks that govern our schedules - the list of their presence is endless.
My aim is to document these encounters with numerical markers during my photography excursions. Each photograph captures the essence of our intricate and diverse relationship with numbers. It's fascinating to observe the vast variety of subjects that bear the imprint of counting in our lives. The nuances and applications of numbers are as expanded and intricate as the cityscape itself. They act as a language, silently communicating with us, directing our actions, and shaping our perceptions of the world around us. Through these snapshots I am trying to paint an enlightening narrative, revealing the ever-present and often under-appreciated significance of numbers in shaping the human lives.
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